Unlock your kid’s full academic potential by spending at least

20 mins a day with a Laptop or Tablet!

Introducing World First Proven Accelerated Learning Program

(Powered by Artificial Intelligence)
The Building Blocks of Intelligence

The NeuroLAT Learning Abilities A.I. Program is built on the groundbreaking research of Karl Witte. Karl Witte was a German Philosopher and Pastor who pioneered the understanding that the child's learning environment and method of learning are vital to great success. Even those born with lower IQ can be trained to much higher IQ with the right pedagogies and methodologies.


With over 25 years of PhD research & development, Dr. Ng Meng Lek has developed NeuroLAT, an innovative breakthrough by leveraging on artificial intelligence. Dr Ng has been helping more than 1,200 students to achieve better cognitive skills and improving their learning abilities. Click here for more about Dr Ng.

Just 20 mins a day on the NeuroLAT Program, it unlocks the higher potential of children’s minds by giving the essential tools to help students learn and process academic contents much better and faster. This helps them to achieve higher academic performance.

What does NeuroLAT train?

The schools and our centre impart knowledge and content-based learning while the NeuroLAT program trains on 30 different learning abilities. Thus merging What To Learn with How To Learn. Click here for the list of learning abilities.  

These learning abilities can be classified into the following categories :


1. Congnition :

The ability to understand information received through any or all of his/her senses.

2. Memory :

The ability of the mind to store and remember information both visually and through auditory senses.

3. Convergent Production :

Convergent Production is the ability to produce logical answers to a problem.

4. Evaluation :

The process of using all the information provided to make judgement and decisions.

5. Divergent Production :

Divergent thinking is the ability to process and generate creative ideas by exploring many possible solutions.

How the NeuroLAT A.I. Program works?

1. Consistent expert training :

The NeuroLAT training program works by accelerating the learning abilities crucial for your child’s school grades so that you can see better and faster results. It is equivalent to an expert educational psychologist training your child with the aid of a fun and proven artificial intelligence. The NeuroLAT program trains your child over unlimited and exciting IQ questions daily, limited by only WIFI access.

2. Optimized Learning :

Your child will be diagnosed to gauge where his abilities is at. The A.I. system will then prepare questions for each learning ability till the child succeeded in overcoming them before attempting the next level of difficulty. This will allow your child to reach his optimal pace and cognitive capabilities, while improving from his weak points and excelling at his strong points.

3. Preparing for academic success :

You child will find it easier to memorize facts and understand subjects he/she learns while gaining confidence and be empowered to tackle any academic subject much more effortlessly!

4. Consistent Comprehensive Reports :

The A.I. systems generates 3 comprehensive diagnostic reports after your child completes every 90 lessons (3 months or less)

- Learning Needs Diagnosis Report

- Preferred Learning Diagnosis Report

- Suitable Vocational Analysis Report

Burning Questions

How fast can I start seeing results on my child?

Evidence in improvement is usually shown after 90 lessons when you child completes at least one lesson (20 – 30 mins) daily and with no other health and psychological issues.

How long does my child need to go on the program?

This program only requires approximately 20 – 30 minutes per lesson at least once a day, consistently on laptop or Wifi-enabled iPad or Tablet anytime, anywhere. NeuroLAT caps the maximum usage at 3 times a day so the brain, like our muscle, is not exhausted or strained with the cognitive training.

Why is NeuroLAT different from other cognitive training in the market?

NeuroLAT is the world-first and only artificial intelligence program individually customized for each child, where a child can go on the lessons anytime, anywhere if there is Wifi-access on the laptop, iPad or Tablet. The NeuroLAT system will monitor the child’s progress and up the level of difficulty and number of questions accordingly so the improvement can be accelerated with consistent practice.

If my child skip lessons for a few days, would it affect their learning?

It is highly encouraged for the child to do the lessons at least once a day. Although the artificial intelligence system would still be able to adjust accordingly to the child’s cognitive level when back on the NeuroLAT and move on with the child’s progress right there and then, this will affect the child’s progress.

What other value-added services does NeuroLAT provide?

3 comprehensive diagnostic analysis are embedded in NeuroLAT, after each 90 lessons. 1) Learning abilities diagnostic report 2) Preferred learning styles report 3) Potential vocational analysis report 4) Executive summary (After 270th lesson) Using its proprietary MindAnalysis@ algorithm, it allows parents to track the child’s progress with a complete and comprehensive report on the child’s learning abilities. The report will identify the kid’s strength, areas of improvements and suggestions on how to create the optimal learning environment for the child.

How young can my child go on it?

All children from age 3 and above can start on NeuroLAT. Youths, working adults and the elderlies can go on this too to increase their learning abilities and brain power, mental sharpness and heighten their memory.

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