Result Guaranteed

Our centre offers 3 proven strategies to help your child apply each technique confidently.

1.  Focus on Skills

Every question in the worksheets has a learning objective to provide the depth and exposure a student needs to master each technique.


Depth - Questions are categorised into 3 levels of complexity to cater for students coming with different readiness.

Exposure – Worksheets are technique specific so students will be able to apply the same technique in numerous scenarios.

2.  Features

Lessons are designed to be efficient and make learning more engaging.

3.  Accessibility


Learning is not limited to whiteboards, markers or venue. We provide eLearning on selected techniques so that our students are able to continue their learning at their own comfort and time.

flexible time.jpg

With that, we are able to offer flexible schedule for Q&A sessions so that students can receive personalized assistance in a smaller group setting.

How does eLearning works?

This is only applicable to P5/6 students.

We allocate about 70% of the class time on teaching techniques and the rest on fundamentals. In some occasions, techniques will be taught via online as an extension to the regular lessons. It was during such arrangement when the lessons will be converted to Q&A sessions.


How does Q&A session works?

Lessons will be more personalized and focus to address all questions arising from eLearning. Parents will be offered with a broader option of schedule with each session lasting a minimum of 1.5hrs instead the usual 2hrs. However, students can stay for more than 1.5hrs at no extra cost should they require more time.

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Techniques worked like magic
Never thought Maths can be that easy
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