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The transformative learning experiences at Cornerstone Learning Centre are designed to help our students grow both in and out of the classroom.

Our curriculum complements and follow the MOE syllabus closely. CLC attempts to enhance what was taught in school so as to optimize the students’ time in the school as well as the centre. Every lesson is carefully planned in a manner that will ensure every students will benefit in terms of both acknowledge and skills.

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Scoring in Maths is NOT about drilling on more assessment books or Past Years Paper or having more tuition lessons.

What you are about to find out below in 3 minutes may save you lots of money and stress!

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Our emphasis is on where it matters most and making the learning experience an adventurous one.

Techniques are meant to improve your child’s abilities to solve related questions.

Here are some characteristic of the techniques.

  • There are about 20 of them. 80% of them can be mastered in P5.

  • Learn well. Learn ONCE. The sooner your child acquires the competency, the more opportunity he/she gets to apply them in school and examinations.

  • Almost 100% of our students agree that the techniques they have learnt is easier to learn and more effective.

Click here to view two concepts a student has learnt in P1 and P3 to solve a P5/6 problem sum!

Our centre offers 3 main strategies to help your child to apply each technique confidently.

1.  Focus on Skills

2.  Features

3.  Accessibility

Click here to find out how we have made our lessons more than good.

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“When our knowledge is as small as a seed, Mrs Yee makes our knowledge grow as big as a full-grown plant.”

Ethan Chiam, P3

"I always learn a lot from your class and games you let us play are very intriguing and interesting. Thank you for your endless patience with us even when we are as rowdy as animals.

I hope that you would continue to be my teacher for many years to come.”

Jodie Lee, P5

"Mrs Yee teaches us wonderful English. Her lessons always fun and educational.

With her help, my English had improved from Band 2 to a Band 1! Thanks You.

Ashlyn, P5

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“I enjoy coming to class as Mrs Yee coaches us techniques to improve my English. She lets us watch videos and read articles to get more ideas for writing our stories. "

Carissa Kenga, P5

"It is fun and I get to learn new vocabulary, improve my grammar and spelling. I learn to edit my stories and make them more interesting."

Loke Zi Ying, P3

"Mrs Yee teaches us lots of useful vocabulary and how to write excellent stories. Every lesson is filled with fun and excitement. She is also a very kind teacher."

Iris Liu, P2